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CERN Authoring
CERN Authoring
CERN Authoring

CERN Authoring offers modern authoring tools to CERN members that focus on collaboration, ease of use and integration and cover the needs of the High Energy Physics community.

Get in touch with CERN Authoring at, join our community forum and visit the CERN Service Portal for help & support.


Overleaf is an online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative editor, reviewing and publishing tool.

Key features

  • Pure LaTeX editor
  • Rich Text editor
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Real-time PDF preview
  • Author comments
  • Track changes
  • Version control w/ Git access
  • Export as PDF & LaTeX


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The Documentation how-to guide provides information on how to create a Markdown-based static documentation site with MkDocs. Your Markdown sources will live in a git repository on GitLab and your site will be hosted on OpenShift.

Key features

  • Markdown-based documentation
  • Static site built with MkDocs
  • Documentation sources in GitLab
  • Deployment on OpenShift
  • domain
  • Automatic redeployment
  • Advanced customisations

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